Certainly no employee should have to put up with sexual harassment in the workplace simply to be able to continue earning their paycheck. But there is a form of sexual harassment that is even more insidious for Missouri residents and their children — the sexual abuse of minors by the adults and authority figures that are trusted to take care of them.

Victims of sexual abuse may feel so powerless that they remain silent about their abuse, sometimes even for decades. While this can make a criminal prosecution more difficult because evidence is not preserved and abusers can move away or even die, the presence of a strong, dedicated attorney by their side can bolster a victim’s confidence in a civil proceeding.

Sometimes, former child victims of sexual abuse by mentors, teachers, coaches or religious leaders are offered significant settlements or receive jury awards in the six figures. This financial compensation can go a long way to restoring the victims’ confidence and help them afford the counseling they need to overcome the trauma of their past.

Our law firm is not afraid to take on employers for sexual harassment or institutions and community leaders for sexual abuse, even if the abuse happened long ago. We know that revealing the true nature of abusers can be difficult but is also cathartic for their former victims and an essential part of the healing process.

If you suffered abuse by an authority figure or other adult in the community as a child, we can help you seek justice and financial compensation. Call today for a confidential consultation with one of our attorneys.