Sometimes, when a driver loses control of a vehicle, the circumstances cause it to roll. There are not many rollover accidents that are caused by the driver actually intending to crash the vehicle. Police believe this is what happened in a recent Missouri single-car accident that killed one man and injured two others. 

Five people were in the car. As they traveled north on Interstate 55, the driver and her front seat passenger — who reportedly was her boyfriend — were arguing. At some point, the driver exclaimed that she would crash the vehicle. The vehicle then careened from the right side of the roadway into the median and then rolled over.

The 31-year-old driver and a 50-year-old woman riding in the back seat both suffered serious injuries and were transported to a local hospital. Both women are said to be in stable condition. A 60-year-old man sitting next to the injured backseat passenger did not survive the crash. The driver’s 55-year-old boyfriend and the other passenger were fortunate enough to escape the wreckage unharmed.

Missouri authorities may charge the driver with murder in connection with the death of her passenger since it appears that she intentionally crashed the vehicle. Other charges could be filed as well, particularly because police say they found marijuana and cocaine in the possession of the driver. Regardless of what charges are pursued in criminal court, the family of the deceased passenger and the other injured victims may file civil actions against her. If it is proved that she was negligent and/or acted intentionally, the court may consider entering a monetary judgment for damages typically awarded in rollover accidents where people are injured or killed.

Source: CBS St. Louis, “Possible Murder Charge in Thursday’s Fatal I-55 Crash“, Brad Choat, Feb. 6, 2015