The use of a cellphone while driving has been said to cause just as many accidents as driving under the influence. When the person using the cellphone is driving a tractor-trailer, it can become even more dangerous for other motorists. For example, a recent truck accident in Missouri is being blamed on the driver’s use of a cellphone.

The truck driver was traveling south on H Highway. As he approached the stop sign at FF Highway, his cellphone began to ring. The distraction caused him to run the stop sign.

His truck slammed into a vehicle that was already in the intersection. One witness said the wreckage was so bad that the car was unrecognizable. Not surprisingly, the woman in the car died in the impact.

The truck driver admitted to an officer at the scene that he was distracted by the ringing cellphone, which was one of three that he owns. He subsequently signed a statement verifying what he told the officer. Now, three months after the woman’s death, the driver of the truck faces a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

During those three months, the woman’s family was forced to find a way to move forward without her. Her family retains the right to file a wrongful death claim against the truck driver and his employer, which can be held liable for his actions. If a Missouri court is satisfied that he was negligent, damages may be awarded. The damages the family may claim are similar to those seen in other truck accident cases, such as restitution for funeral and burial expenses, among others.

Source:, “Deadly crash leads to involuntary manslaugther charge against Glasgow man“, Eric Burke, March 3, 2015