Missouri residents may be interested in a recent lawsuit filed against Google that alleges age discrimination. The plaintiff is a 60-year-old software engineer who applied for a position at the company. He possessed qualifications that led to a recruiter referring to him as a “great candidate.” However, he was rejected for the job because the company considered him too old, according to filing.

The number of people working at Google nearly tripled from 2007 to 2013. The lawsuit states that despite this increase, the median age of Google employees is 29. This is a very different 43, which is the median age of all computer programmers employed throughout the United States.

Data detailing the difference between Google’s hiring practices and those of other companies in the same industry is being utilized to support the plaintiff’s allegation that employment discrimination is part of why he was not selected for the job. The man claims that he had extensive experience in what Google required for the position he pursued, and a recruiter apparently commended the man on his potential. The plaintiff has also stated that during phone interview, interviewer appeared to have trouble understanding what he said, which may have contributed to his failure to land the position.

The law takes steps to prevent workers from facing any form of discrimination when at work or when seeking to be hired for a job. When there is a belief that discrimination factored into a rejection for employment, the victim might choose to pursue a lawsuit against the offending employer. An attorney could help a victim gather evidence demonstrating discriminatory behavior and might use that information to build a case for compensation.

Source: Computerworld, ‘Median age at Google is 29, says age discrimination lawsuit,” Patrick Thibodeau, April 23, 2015