In Missouri, all too many employees know how unpleasant it can be to experience ill treatment at work. Sadly, it is something that happens every day to countless people throughout the state and, indeed, the rest of the U.S. as well. Unfair treatment at work can take many forms, but particularly common and unpleasant form is sexual harassment. Not only is it both unpleasant and illegal, but it can also be extremely detrimental to an individual’s confidence and sense of self worth.

Harassment can take many forms, from solicitation of sexual favors, lewd comments, unwanted touching and even offensive or suggestive messages or images posted around the workplace. In some cases, employees are even threatened with the loss of their job if they do not put up with such treatment. Others are offered promotions or other job benefits in exchange for accepting sexual advances.

As this article on employee rights explains, cases where a person’s job is used as leverage to make them endure unfair treatment of this nature is often referred to as quid pro quo harassment. Whatever the case, sexual harassment is always unacceptable and if you feel able to report it, it can be beneficial to do so as soon as possible.

You should not have tolerate unfair treatment or a hostile work environment. It may seem like a huge undertaking to confront those responsible, but you do not have to do it alone. An attorney can advise you about your options and may be able to assist you if you decide to file a claim. With the right guidance, you can pursue the remuneration you deserve and work toward a happier and harassment-free future.