Most Missouri motorcycle riders are aware that their risk of injury or death in an accident is often greater than that of a driver of larger vehicles. Motorcycle accidents can be deadly to riders, and if cyclists are lucky enough to survive a crash, they may suffer injuries that are far more serious. Therefore, taking unnecessary risks only increases the potential of being involved in a serious or deadly accident.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol recently responded to the scene of an accident in which a motorcycle somehow strayed into the oncoming lane of travel and ran head-on into an SUV already in the lane. As if that was not devastating enough, the motorcycle began sliding across the roadway and crashed into another motorcycle. A fourth vehicle, a passenger car, hit the back of the SUV.

By the time all of the vehicles came to rest and emergency personnel arrived, the two motorcycle riders had succumbed to fatal injuries at the scene. The passenger on the second motorcycle suffered serious injuries and a helicopter was called to transport the victim to a hospital in Springfield. The only other reported injuries were to the driver of the car, and those injuries were considered to be minor.

Undoubtedly, the premature loss of a loved one is devastating and is nearly always accompanied by significant financial losses. Moreover, the passenger who suffered serious injuries is incurring medical bills and other damages that often accompany motorcycle accidents as well. Establishing the negligence of the wrong-way motorcycle rider could provide the other cyclist’s family and the injured passenger with an award of damages to help offset those financial losses.

Source:, “2 motorcyclists die in southwest Missouri crash“, Aug. 16, 2015