Despite the vast amount of information available regarding the dangers of drinking and driving, some Missouri motorists persist in doing so. After consuming enough alcohol to become inebriated, they get behind the wheels of their cars and risk the lives of everyone they encounter on the roadways. The simple fact is that drunk driving accidents destroy lives.

One Missouri woman recently marked the one year anniversary of a catastrophic drunk driving crash that stole her husband and infant son with a post on Facebook that made the news. In Sept. 2014, the woman and her family were traveling on Highway 47. Unbeknown to them, another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction was heading toward them. The vehicle, driven by a woman who had been drinking, veered into their lane slammed into their van.

The woman’s husband and son died as a result of their injuries. The woman suffered injuries, but survived. Now, she can only imagine what their life would have been like. Law enforcement agencies and advocacy groups agree with her sentiment that the accident was preventable. However, because of one person’s decision to drink and drive, she and her husband will never be able to buy a home together or watch their son grow up.

The woman who hit their van also died in the collision. It’s unclear if a wrongful death claim was filed against her estate to seek financial relief for the losses this tragedy has surely engendered. The statute of limitations for such a claim in Missouri is three years. As with other fatal drunk driving accidents, such a lawsuit would seek to establish financial liability and request a monetary judgment for documented items of damages that are recognized under applicable laws. 

Source: CBS St. Louis, “Missouri Woman’s Facebook Post on Crash Goes Viral”, Sept. 22, 2015