Throughout Missouri, many employees endure mistreatment at work, in the form of discrimination, abuse or sexual harassment. Yet, they are afraid of losing their jobs if they complain. No one should have to put up with a hostile work environment, but it can be hard to know whom to turn to or how to confront the problem. You may even worry that you will not be able to prove that you are being mistreated or that you will be perceived to be overreacting.

Do not be discouraged and do not let anyone undermine your concerns. You deserve to feel safe and fairly treated at work. If this is not happening, then the issue must be addressed. It is often hard to talk about matters like sexual harassment, but there is support available, and you do not need to handle the situation alone.

As this article on employee rights details, there are several steps you can take that may help you to resolve the issue. Making a note of any instances of harassment, including the time, date and what happened, can be extremely helpful. You should also document any actions you take to deal with the issue, such as correspondences with supervisors and communications with the person or people harassing you.

If you do not receive the support you require or if you have any other worries about how to handle the situation, help of an attorney may prove to be invaluable. He or she can advise you about the various options available to you and may even be able to assist you if you decide to take legal action against those responsible for your mistreatment.