Missouri residents who undergo cosmetic surgery generally do so in order to correct either what they perceive to be a flaw or a disfigurement from a genetic disorder or accident. When the surgery goes well, it can improve a patient’s physical appearance and psychological well-being. Unfortunately, when cosmetic surgery errors occur, they can leave a patient with physical and psychological injuries.

A surgeon’s mistakes can leave you disfigured or with body parts that are disproportionate. Some patients suffer internal bleeding, nerve damage or chronic pain as a result of a botched surgical procedure. Implants have been known to leak, which can be life-threatening. These errors are in addition to mistakes that can occur during any surgical procedure.

The damage that can be done to a patient goes beyond the physical. Psychologically, a patient can be devastated. Furthermore, it may also be necessary to undergo more procedures in order to fix whatever error was made, if it is even possible to fix. The time, money and emotional upheaval caused by a surgeon’s negligence can be difficult to overcome. 

If you believe you were the victim of cosmetic surgery errors, you may be entitled to compensation. First, however, it will be necessary to prove to a Missouri court that your surgeon was negligent. If the court finds that medical malpractice occurred, an award of damages will be considered that could defray the financial losses you incurred. It may also be possible to obtain a monetary judgment for the damages caused by the loss of a loved one to cosmetic surgery errors.