A mistake by one driver on a busy Missouri interstate can lead to a crash involving multiple vehicles, including passenger vehicles and commercial trucks. At highway speeds, a multiple car and truck accident can lead to serious injuries and deaths. Determining the driver or drivers responsible in such an incident could take investigators some time.

Around 9:15 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, troopers with the Missouri State Highway Patrol were made aware of a multiple vehicle crash on a busy section of Interstate 70. Upon arrival, they discovered seven vehicles, including an SUV, three 18-wheelers and three pickup trucks. Preliminary reports indicate that at least one of the vehicles involved careened through the wire cable separating the westbound from the eastbound lanes.

Troopers believe the accident began when two 18-wheelers crashed head on into each other. The other five vehicles were then embroiled in the mayhem. Two men, both 46 years old, died in the pileup.

Five other people suffered unknown injuries for which they were transported to a hospital in the area. Reportedly, it was lightly raining when the accident occurred. The Major Crash Unit of the Missouri State Highway Patrol spent numerous hours documenting the scene and collecting evidence.

Identifying the factors that contributed to the crash, along with the party or parties responsible, could take a while. The families of the deceased victims and anyone seriously injured may file civil actions against any and all parties who may be responsible for this multiple car and truck accident. If the evidence documents negligence on the part of one or more defendants, damages may be awarded to defray the financial losses that usually accompany such tragedies.

Source: fox2now.com, “Two dead in multi-vehicle crash on EB I-70 near Kingdom City“, Betsey Bruce, Oct. 27, 2015