When a driver fails to remain at the scene, anyone who might be injured could be in jeopardy. Just as in other cities across the country, some of these crashes here in Kansas City are not discovered for an extended period. Depending on the severity of the injuries suffered by the victims of hit-and-run accidents, the time that they go undiscovered could be the difference between a full recovery, permanent injury or death.

It is still not known whether a 25-year-old mother of two will make a full recovery after being abandoned by the driver of the car in which she was a passenger on New Year’s Eve. The accident happened at approximately 2 a.m. The driver somehow lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a building.

Video cameras in the area caught the man leaving the scene. No one discovered the victim for nearly two hours. At last report, the woman remained in critical condition and required surgery.

She suffered from injuries to her skull, and her neck and leg are broken. It could take her some time to recover. During that time, she could incur a significant amount of medical bills, lose income and sustain other damages.

Police are asking for anyone who might know the whereabouts of the driver to contact them. As the victim recovers, she may exercise her right to file a personal injury claim against the man, seeking damages often sought in hit-and-run accidents. If the court is satisfied that this Kansas City woman has established her injuries were the result of his negligence, a monetary judgment could be entered in her favor that could help defray the financial losses she is sustaining and will likely incur in the future.

Source: fox4kc.com, “Passenger in NYE crash in critical condition, police still looking for driver“, Molly Balkenbush, Jan. 2, 2016