Identifying the driver believed to be responsible for a crash is crucial for many reasons, the least of which is to ensure that the final report is correct. It is also important in order to ensure that the right party faces criminal charges and/or civil claims in a Missouri court, if any are contemplated. The problem is that in some single car and rollover accidents, it could be a challenge to determine who was the driver and who was a passenger.

For instance, on the night of March 20, a single car accident occurred. The driver had somehow lost control of the vehicle on a gravel road, and it careened off the road and into a tree. It was then that the vehicle burst into flames.

When emergency responders arrived, they found a 17-year-old Missouri teen who suffered serious injuries to which he succumbed there at the scene. They also discovered a 15-year-old boy who survived with moderate injuries, for which he was taken to an area hospital. At first, the older teen was listed as being the driver in the accident.

However, further investigation revealed that it was, in fact, the younger of the two who was driving at the time. The fact that the deceased teen was not driving when the crash occurred means that his family is free to file a wrongful death claim against the party or parties believed to be responsible for his demise. Establishing liability through the appropriate evidence could result in an award of damages similar to damages that would be entered in connection with other single car and rollover accidents.

Source:, “Granby teen who died not driver“, April 21, 2016