Many drivers here and around the country might agree that sharing the streets and highways with 18-wheelers can be at least a bit intimidating. Few things are more intimidating than looking in the rear view mirror and seeing a tractor-trailer barreling down on the vehicle. This could be one of the last things that a Missouri woman saw before a truck accident took her life and the life of her passenger on a recent Saturday.

Reports from the Missouri State Highway Patrol indicate that the vehicle carrying the two women and a semi-truck were traveling in the same direction on U.S. 36 in the northwest part of the state. At some point, the 18-wheeler slammed into the back of the car. The 81-year-old woman and 86-year-old woman both suffered serious injuries in the impact.

Their injuries were so severe that they did not survive, and officials pronounced them dead at the scene. Reports indicate that no one else suffered injuries in the crash. No further reports regarding what caused the accident were available at this time.

Therefore, it is not known whether the truck driver will face any criminal charges in connection with this tragic truck accident. Even if officials do not believe the truck driver’s actions were criminal, the families of the deceased women retain the right to file wrongful death claims against the driver of the truck and the driver’s employer. If the evidence establishes negligence on the part of the driver, damages could be awarded to the families.

Source:, “2 Missouri women killed in crash“, April 28, 2016