Most people do not use vehicles as weapons. Even so, some hit-and-run accidents are intentional. When authorities find the drivers involved in these types of crashes — whether they occur here in Missouri or elsewhere — those drivers could face murder charges along with civil suits filed by the victims and/or the families of the victims.

Recently, what is being characterized as a domestic dispute turned deadly when a man got into this vehicle and used it to hit the car of his estranged wife. As she and a man she was with were outside the vehicle speaking with a 911 operator after the accident, police say the man returned to the scene and purposely crashed into her and her companion. The woman died at a hospital in the area. The man died at the scene.

The man behind the wheel of the car was taken to a hospital in Arkansas for treatment. He will soon be extradited back to Missouri to face two counts of murder in the second degree. While the criminal investigation continues, family and friends are mourning the loss of the two, who were high school sweethearts. When the woman separated from her husband, she had rekindled her relationship with him.

The evidence that prosecutors intend to present to the court regarding this tragedy, along with any conviction that might be secured, could be used by the families of the victims in wrongful death actions. Such evidence could help establish that their deaths were due to the actions of the woman’s estranged husband. Successfully proving negligence could result in an award of damages seen in hit-and-run accidents.

Source: SOURCE NEEDED, “Vigil planned for couple killed in Kennett after man allegedly hit them on purpose”, John Broeckling, June 17, 2016