Motor vehicle crashes do not happen in a vacuum. In addition to the losses incurred by those involved and their families, head-on, rear-end and T-bone collisions — among other accidents — often affect people who otherwise have nothing to do with the crash. For instance, a recent accident here in Missouri left approximately one thousand homes without power until approximately 8:30 a.m. the morning following it.

The wreck happened shortly prior to midnight on a recent Friday night. As a passenger vehicle occupied by three people was heading south, the driver and passengers could not have known they were about to suffer fatal injuries. A northbound vehicle slammed into the southbound passenger car as its driver attempted to make a left turn. A power pole was downed in the process.

The impact killed the 20-year-old driver of the passenger car at the scene. His passengers survived and were taken to a hospital in the Florissant area, which is where the crash occurred. Unfortunately, the efforts of medical personnel were unable to save their lives. The two men, who were also 20 years old, died sometime after their arrival at the hospital.

Reports do not indicate whether any charges are being contemplated against the northbound driver. As the investigation continues, the families of the deceased victims could exercise their right to file wrongful death claims against the driver of the other vehicle. Establishing, through appropriate evidence, that the driver’s actions caused or contributed to the deaths of their loved ones could result in a Missouri civil court entering awards of damages as often seen in T-bone collisions.

Source:, “North County car accident claims three lives and leaves hundreds without power“, Katherine Hessel, June 18, 2016