It has become increasingly difficult for women to continue their career after having a baby, even though there are laws in the United States that make sure women do not have to choose between their family and their career. According to the law, employers are prohibited from making hiring, firing and promoting decisions based on whether an employee is pregnant. It is important that working women understand their rights. If you fail to understand your rights, your employer might be able to violate your rights without you even knowing about it.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act protects pregnant women and makes sure employers do not mistreat them. According to the Act, employers with more than 15 employees cannot make decisions based on pregnancy. The law encourages employers to aid pregnant employees and let them work according to their requirements. Employers may not ask employees whether they are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant. Asking such questions during job interviews is also a violation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Pregnant women may require a leave from work due to their medical condition. The law requires employers to provide disability pay or unpaid leave whenever required. They also have no right to stop a pregnant woman from working when she feels that she can handle the workload. Proper healthcare insurance must be provided to help her through the process. A pregnant employee who returns from leave should return to the same position as before childbirth. Employers must hold her position and make sure anyone replacing her is doing so on a temporary basis.

If you feel your employer is violating your rights and discriminating against you because of your pregnancy, it is important to contact an employment lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer will let you know your rights and help you file a complaint in court.