There are laws are in place to protect the rights of workers in Missouri and throughout the country. These wage laws ensure that employees get paid properly and are afforded breaks, among other protections. A recent situation in another state focused on a hotel accused with violating several of the local and state minimum wage laws.

A hotel finds itself in violation of these laws when the owner refused to offer sick leave or pay overtime to six housekeepers. The hotel was also accused of forcing employees to work off the clock. Breaks were not provided by the hotel and employees feared retaliation if they called in sick, according to a city attorney.

Choice Hotels, the parent company of the hotel in question, said that it did not own or operate the hotel. The owner of the hotel was responsible for the day-to-day operations. Therefore, it did not have the right to either establish or interfere with the hotel owners’ management of its employees.

The six housekeepers involved in the case speak only Spanish. They sought assistance from a local legal group, who filed the suit jointly with the city. A spokesperson from the legal group applauded the bravery of the women who came together to seek justice from their employer. The lawsuit seeks unpaid compensation, penalties and damages to the employees.

When an employer disregards wage laws, employees have the right to file a lawsuit against them for damages. Employees are entitled to fair pay for time worked and other protections under the laws. Workers in Missouri who have experienced unfair treatment often seek the assistance of an attorney familiar with employment law. Knowledgeable counsel can help employees obtain the compensation and treatment they deserve.

Source:, “Oakland: Lawsuit alleges Quality Inn hotel exploited workers“, David Debolt, March 2, 2017