The pain and problems that are associated with hernias lead people to seek medical care for this condition. In some cases, the doctor who handles the case might say that the patient needs a hernia mesh implant. While these are sometimes appropriate, they can lead to considerable issues.

If you had the surgery to implant a hernia mesh, you should be aware of the possible issues that can occur. There comes a point when you might realize that these problems are more of an issue than the hernia. If you have complications after a hernia mesh implant surgery, you may opt to seek compensation.

Complications can be serious

The United States Food and Drug Administration lists some of the most common complications, including infection and pain, after a hernia repair surgery. There is also a chance that the implanted mesh will cause the internal tissues to stick together because of scar tissue, which is known as adhesion. Perforation of organs nearby the surgical site, fluid build-up at the surgical site, intestinal blockage and bleeding are also possible. Some patients might experience an abnormal connection of tissues between organs in the body. This is known as a fistula. In some cases, the hernia might recur. Of these, pain, infection, recurrence, bowel obstruction and adhesion are the most common.

Previous reports of complications

There are several products on the market that are used in these surgeries. Some products have been pulled from the market, partially because of problems that were becoming all too common. If your hernia mesh implant is a little older and you are just starting to have problems from it, you might need to explore your rights to seek compensation. There is a chance that the implant you have was taken off the market after previous reports of complications.

Weighing the options

When you decide to take action because of an issue with a hernia mesh surgical issue, you will have some decisions to make. One of these is how you are going to move forward with the case. Typically, you have two options — a medical malpractice claim against the surgeon or a product liability claim against the manufacturer. You might even opt to pursue both paths. You should be ready to think about either settling the case or going to trial. You must keep the cost of your damages in mind so that you can use that information in your case. This includes past, current and future expenses.