People with hernias experience extreme pain and other medical complications. A hernia involves tearing or weakening of the muscle or tissue that surrounds the organs, which can lead to the organs pushing through. In severe cases, the pressure of pushing through can cut the herniated tissue off from blood supply, which can create severe medical issues.

This is a condition that requires serious medical treatment, as ignoring it usually means it will get worse. A surgery is often required for a patient to recover from a hernia. Unfortunately, treatment for hernias does not always go as smoothly as the patient might like.

Hernia mesh surgeries can fail in catastrophic ways. This may have a dire impact on a patient’s health and quality of life. Those who have endured a failed hernia mesh operation may have the right to seek compensation from the doctor involved for medical malpractice.

Hernia mesh surgeries are both routine and complex

Certain surgeries are unique, which means doctors don’t know what to expect going in. Other operations are much more common, meaning that doctors have more time and opportunity to practice them. Hernia surgeries are one of the few types of operations that fall into both of these categories.

Installing hernia mesh is a relatively common surgical procedure, meaning it is one that a doctor may perform dozens of times every year. However, each patient has a unique hernia and body, which means the doctor must individualize the approach to installing and securing the mesh.

Unfortunately, when doctors become comfortable performing certain operations, it can lead to complacency and poor outcomes for the patient. Attempting to do the same thing every time could increase the risk for poor outcomes in hernia surgeries.

Similarly, when a doctor does not have adequate practice at performing a certain procedure, it might increase the risk of an oversight or mistake during the process of installing the hernia mesh.

Failed operations often mean big costs for patients

When your hernia mesh tears out, the result is often debilitating pain. Beyond that, it can cause worsening hernia conditions, as it may do additional damage to the already weakened and damaged tissue.

Patients likely will have to miss work for a long period of time until they recover from a surgery to repair the damage caused by the failed initial surgery.

In addition to having extensive medical bills, patients with faulty hernia mesh surgeries also miss out on wages. A medical malpractice lawsuit related to failed hernia mesh can help you recover those financial losses. You can seek compensation for the medical costs associated with the second surgery, as well as lost wages during your recovery.