Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes will deal with many challenges to their health. One of the biggest problems they will face is effectively managing their blood sugar levels. If high blood sugar levels are not adequately controlled, the patient could suffer from issues such as kidney damage, nerve problems and blindness further down the line.

This is why great lengths are taken to help type 2 diabetes sufferers manage their blood sugar levels. This can be done through medications such as Invokana, which is another name for the drug Canagliflozin.

How does Invokana work?

One of the roles of the kidneys is to remove excess sugar from the body. Invokana works by increasing the capacity of the kidneys to remove sugar.

What are the risks associated with Invokana?

As with almost all medications, side effects are a possibility. It is important that you are informed of the possible side effects before deciding to use the medication.

The most common side effects include dizziness, lightheadedness, dry mouth and frequent urination. These side effects are usually mild and should not affect your quality of life.

More serious side effects can include kidney problems, bladder infections and severe dehydration. Taking the drug may also increase the risk of amputation. The risk of this can be influenced by whether the patient has a history of heart disease or blood circulation problems.

What options do I have if I have suffered Invokana injuries?

If you have suffered life-changing injuries as a result of taking Invokana, you may be able to claim damages under medical malpractice law. You may be able to prove that your medical provider was negligent in their decision to prescribe the drug to you because of past health problems. You may alternatively be able to argue that you were not made aware of the possible side effects of taking Invokana, and, therefore, that you were not able to give informed consent.

Injuries resulting from Invokana medication can be severe enough to decrease your quality of life and may prevent you from being able to work. This can have a huge financial impact on your life, and it will likely also lead to emotional suffering. It is important that you learn more about taking action so you can get the damages you deserve.