Hernias are relatively common, and they can occur in many different parts of the body. Because of the problems that can arise from hernias and the pain that they can cause, many patients with hernias need to go through surgery to fix the issue. This is often referred to as hernia repair surgery, and it frequently involves using a hernia mesh implant.

A hernia mesh is a type of material, usually synthetic, that is placed in the body during surgery to strengthen the muscle wall and stop a hernia from protruding. Unfortunately, many patients suffer from complications due to hernia mesh implants. It is a foreign object in the body and it may be contaminated with bacteria that can cause an infection.

If you or a loved one has suffered from complications regarding a hernia mesh recently, learn more about making a claim. The following are some statistics relating to hernia mesh medical malpractice claims.

What are the reasons patients file hernia repair medical malpractice claims?

A 2013 analysis of hernia repair medical malpractice cases found that of the 44 reviewed cases, 45% were initiated because complications had arisen during a hernia repair operation, and 9% were complications due to infection. In 11% of the cases, the patient died as a result of the treatment. Other reasons for filing include allegations of failure to obtain informed consent, retained foreign bodies, emotional distress and incorrect surgical technique.

What are the chances of being successful in a hernia mesh medical malpractice claim?

It is impossible to determine the chances of being successful in a medical malpractice claim without knowing the specific details of your case. However, in the 44 cases reviewed, 12 (27%) cases were ruled in favor of the plaintiff by the court. This resulted in the successful plaintiffs gaining between $19,000 and $8,000,000.

What should I do if I am considering initiating a medical malpractice claim after hernia repair complications?

First conduct thorough research into the law so that you understand the claims process and how the law applies to your situation. After you have done this, waste no time in taking action if you intend to make a claim.