Have you experienced gender discrimination in your workplace? Are you seeking representation from a qualified Missouri gender discrimination lawyer? Here’s how our team at Holman Schiavone Employment Law & Personal Injury in Missouri can help.

How Can a Gender Discrimination Lawyer in Missouri Help You?

If you have experienced gender discrimination in your workplace, this can be an incredibly challenging and stressful experience. Gender discrimination where you work can affect all areas of your life and result in missed opportunities as well as lowered self-esteem and feelings of depression or anxiety. No one should have to experience any type of discrimination or face the long-lasting side effects of it. If you are looking for compensation for the gender discrimination that you’ve experienced, then seeking out the help of a qualified and passionate gender discrimination lawyer, like our team in Missouri, can help.

What Is Gender Discrimination?

The first step to understanding how a lawyer might be able to help you is to understand what exactly gender discrimination is in the first place. Essentially, gender discrimination is a decision about you is made in the workplace based on your gender. Many different people can commit gender discrimination. This includes your employer, other employees in your workplace, clients, and customers. This type of discrimination can take place against all genders, and anyone of any gender can commit it. There are four basic forms of this kind of discrimination that can occur in the workplace.

Disparate Treatment

The first type of gender discrimination that one might experience in the workplace is being treated differently based on your gender rather than your behavior or qualifications. This is one of the most common types of discrimination. An example of disparate treatment would be requiring women to perform certain tasks while not requiring men to do the same.

Disparate Impact

This type of discrimination occurs when an employer or company has policies that impact or affect employees based on gender. While disparate treatment is generally always intentional, disparate impact can be either intentional or unintentional. An important thing to note is that not all situations involving disparate impact are illegal. For example, if having a certain skill is a foundational component of the job you are applying for, then it is not illegal for an employer not to hire you if you do not possess that skill, even if this might impact genders differently. However, if a skill is not necessary for the job and an employer refuses to hire you based on not possessing it, that would be considered discrimination.

Sexual Harassment

One of the most traumatizing and difficult things one can experience in the workplace is sexual harassment. All types of discrimination can have lasting effects, but sexual harassment or working in a hostile working environment can have some of the most damaging. Sexual harassment can take many forms. It can be verbal or physical and is any type of sexual behavior that humiliates or offends you. If you are experiencing sexual harassment in your workplace, then it’s very important to record when this is happening. Include writing down times, locations, and people involved in the harassment as well as specific details of the harassment. This will help keep you remembering the specifics of the events.

Quid Pro Quo

This is another type of harassment that involves providing a favor or a grant while expecting to receive something else in return. In this case, an employer might promise you something or threaten to deny something in exchange for a sexual act. Like any type of sexual harassment, this can have extreme and long-lasting effects on all areas of your life. Also just like any type of sexual harassment, you should be careful to write down all the details of your experiences and include as much specific information as possible.

If I Have Experienced Gender Discrimination in My Workplace, What Rights Do I Have?

If you have or are currently experiencing gender discrimination, you may feel isolated and like there’s nowhere left for you to turn. Regardless of the type of severity of the discrimination, it might seem like you are powerless in your situation. Know that that isn’t true. Many state laws include gender as a protected class. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 also prohibits discrimination based on sex or gender. If you’ve experienced sexual harassment or gender discrimination, then speaking to a qualified gender discrimination lawyer will help you understand what your next options are.

What Will My Lawyer Do?

If you are seeking help for your experience, then our team of passionate and caring lawyers will help you. We understand the impact that this type of discrimination can have on a victim’s life. That’s why we work hard to provide you with the legal services you need to feel safe and comfortable in your workplace.

Determining the Right Legal Action

All people are different, and all experiences are different. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to our practice. Rather, we look at your unique case and needs to make sure that you are getting the services you need. We will make sure that your employer takes your complaint seriously and that solutions are put into place for you. If you continue to experience discrimination in your workplace, then we will help you determine the right course of action. We’ll assist you in deciding what federal or state statutes might be able to help you in your specific situation.

Getting Compensation

If you have incurred damages because of the gender discrimination you’ve experienced, then you deserve to be compensated. When you work with our attorneys, we’ll make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve. There are a variety of ways that experiencing gender discrimination may have harmed your life. You may have lost wages because of missing opportunities or staying home from work. You may even incur medical expenses. Discrimination can result in deep feelings of depression and anxiety, which might require you to visit a doctor and receive treatment. You might even experience physical harm because of the discrimination. Regardless of the harm you’ve experienced, we’ll make sure that you are properly compensated.

What Might Be Offered to Me as a Victim of Gender Discrimination?

If together we have decided that filing a lawsuit against your employer is the right course of action, then we will bring your case to a jury. The jury will listen to both your side and your employer’s side of the story and determine whether or not the employer has committed gender discrimination. If it’s determined that your employer is at fault for your damages, then you may be offered several remedies. This includes being reimbursed for legal fees as well as for any medical expenses you might have as a result of your experience. They can also reinstate your employment and provide you with financial remedies for things like emotional distress, pain, and punitive damages.

Work With Our Team

At our firm, we understand how gender discrimination can impact not just your work life, but all areas of your life. We also believe that you deserve to feel safe and secure at work. Get in touch with us at Holman Schiavone Employment Law & Personal Injury in Missouri to work with our gender discrimination lawyers.