Sexual harassment cases remain pervasive in Jackson County, MI, yet victims are often subject to numerous obstacles before they can secure a legal victory. Due to the existence of such obstacles, the odds of you winning your case depend on several factors, including access to a well-qualified sexual harassment lawyer.

What Affects Your Odds of Winning:

Level of Severity 

In order to increase the likelihood of you winning your case, you must be able to prove that there is a level of severity to your claims. If you have proof that you were sexually harassed consistently or that these instances had repercussions in both your personal and professional life, you may be able to make a stronger case in court. The better you can present the severity of your case, the more likely it is to be taken seriously by the judges set to evaluate your claims.

If you are unsure about the legal severity of your case, consult a sexual harassment lawyer to evaluate your legal standing and what can be done to ensure that you obtain justice. No person should be subjected to sexual harassment in any sphere of their life. Even if you don’t think your case warrants legal action, it is always worth investigating by using the legal aid and tools available.

Record Keeping 

Against an Individual

Keeping a chronological record of experiences of sexual harassment gives you a significant advantage when making your case in court. Within this record, you should track both the time and place of each instance. Make sure to note the frequency of such incidents. If you can prove that there was a significant duration to the perpetrators’ actions, you will be better equipped to offer up a more coherent and cohesive argument in court.

Fighting a case without a detailed record against the perpetrator may be more difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. You can still win your case without this specific type of evidence if you have quality legal aid and enough tangible incriminating evidence to prove your case otherwise.

Against an Employer 

The odds of you winning your case are also enhanced by you keeping a detailed record of any interaction with your employer regarding your experience of sexual harassment in the workplace. If you filed a complaint to HR that was never resolved, make a note of it and contact your lawyer. Having a qualified legal professional examine this record and help you present it in court will make this form of evidence all the more critical to the success of your case.

It is important to note that you can still be awarded with punitive damages if your employer was complicit in your experience of sexual harassment in the workplace, even without being directly involved. If your employer did nothing despite being aware that another employee within the company was actively harassing you, then they, too, are liable. By holding your employer to account, you can better position yourself to secure a legal victory.


When fighting a legal case in Jackson County, MI, your personal testimony, no matter how compelling, is often not enough to secure a fair ruling. Evidence must be provided and well utilized for you to win your case. The best form of evidence is often other eyewitness testimonies. This form of evidence may come from bystanders or from others the same perpetrator has harassed. Both examples of eyewitness testimonies may benefit your case.

You can also use incriminating text messages, emails, or images as compelling evidence. Proof of physical harm may also prove relevant to your case if you can provide it. Overall any physical or tangible evidence presented in court will likely support your legal argument and make it much more likely that you can secure a legal victory. Your sexual assault lawyer can also help ensure that you sufficiently understand the evidence available to you as you fight your case and how it can be best applied to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Knowing the Fine Print 

Examining Company Policy

In instances of sexual harassment in the workplace, you should consult your company’s sexual harassment policy for evidence of conduct breaches. If the perpetrator is guilty of not following company policy, the charges against them will be more severe. 

Having access to skilled and experienced attorneys will certainly help in reading and understanding the fine print that may be imperative to winning your case. If your company does not have a sexual harassment policy, the odds of a successful ruling may be slimmer, though relevant state and federal policies still apply.

Access to Language Services 

If English isn’t your first language, make sure you receive legal aid from a firm that offers you the support you need. Firms that offer such services will ensure that you are not disadvantaged in your fight to secure a legal victory. Qualified lawyers who are also equipped with the necessary language skills to translate and interpret the fine print of your company’s policies are critical to the success of your case.

Combating Burnout 

Those who have experienced sexual harassment are often burdened with high stress and increased anxiety. That’s why it is critical to the success of your case that you have access to legal professionals who will support you as you navigate this process. Lawyers who care about your well-being, in addition to the success of your case, can be very helpful resources in preventing burnout.

If you are feeling burnt out by the legal process of fighting a sexual harassment case, make sure to seek out mental health resources that are available to you. There are innumerable ways to take care of yourself through this process. The psychological effects of sexual harassment warrant attention from both you and your lawyer to ensure that you can successfully pursue your case.

Getting a Quality Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Jackson County, Missouri

The sexual harassment lawyers who argue your case in court will be key players in the potential success of your case. Lawyers with experience, who think critically and understand the details of your situation, will be critical to your legal success. Make sure you seek out quality legal aid that will help you win your sexual harassment case quickly and effectively.

Having access to legal professionals who possess the skills to support you both legally and psychologically is also important in winning your case. A good lawyer will be one you can count on and communicate well with to ensure that you remain an active part of your case as it is being argued in court.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue, with serious consequences for those who experience it. If you’ve been sexually harrassed, whether that be in the workplace, your place of residence, in a nonprofit or volunteer situation, or at your academic institution, you should know that legal aid and support are available to you. Contact Holman Schiavone today and schedule a free consultation to provide you with the tools you need to tip the odds of winning in your favor.