When laws are passed, the impact can significantly change the reality for those impacted by the new law. Laws generally create limits or boundaries that prevent people from acting in a certain manner. Although this may sound limiting, the flipside is that the limits or boundaries can also open possibilities for those that the law protects. The passage of laws can also make a statement by reflecting the ideals of a community. So when a city in Missouri passed an anti-discrimination law, it has the potential to create a significant impact.

The passage of the new anti-discrimination law will impact several areas, including employment conditions, Missouri’s St. Louis County. The anti-discrimination law was written to address gender identity and sexual orientation. The new law makes it illegal to discriminate against an individual based on these terms. In addition to the law’s impact on the employment sector, it will also impact housing and public space usage. The law was passed in Missouri’s city Creve Coeur by a unanimous vote and it was reported that five other Missouri cities have passed similar laws.

Employment discrimination not only attacks an employee’s current employment status, but also attacks the employee as an individual. When employment discrimination happens, it can be difficult for the employee who has become the victim of discrimination to come forward and report the discrimination. The passage of the anti-discrimination law provides a victim of discrimination with legal protection and an experienced attorney can help the victimized employee seek justice against the discrimination and receive compensation for their injuries.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Creve Coeur passes anti-discrimination law,” July 24, 2012