Racial profiling is use of an individual’s background, as related to ethnicity, religion or race, as a deciding factor in the individual’s character or abilities. Racial profiling is most recognized in criminal proceedings, but is also present in the area of employment. A Missouri company has been charged with racial profiling and charged with employee discrimination.

In a federal lawsuit, it has been alleged that a Missouri based company has implemented a long standing practice of racial profiling. The Missouri company has notoriously discriminated against any employee or potential employee that was not white. The discrimination allegation comes from statements made during a previous manager’s meeting, where it was allegedly made clear that the employer did not want any minority employees. This statement was followed up with another statement that minority employees did not meet the company’s profile.

A complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that resulted in a federal lawsuit for discrimination. After the initial lawsuit filing, the defendant employer filed a motion to dismiss that was granted. The motion to dismiss the lawsuit was granted because the lawsuit failed to provide enough details to support a discrimination claim in the nine page filing. Following the motion to dismiss, the EEOC was granted time to submit an amended filing. The EEOC has submitted an amended filing that includes 247 pages. The new filing contains additional detail regarding the alleged discrimination and specific examples of discrimination. The company has declined to comment on the amended lawsuit, but has previously stated the allegations of discrimination are false and contrary to the company.

Source: ctpost, “Feds refile suit against Bass Pro,” Brian Lockhart, July 20, 2012