Employees are entitled to their opinion regarding their employer…within certain limitation. Aside from the legal limitations regarding freedom of speech, contrary statements by employees that are made against an employer often have unfavorable consequences for the employee. An employee in Missouri and Kansas that has been terminated for statements made against their employer may be entitled to a wrongful termination claim.
A nurse who worked at a local hospital was recently terminated after making comments about the hospital. The nurse’s negative comments made about the hospital were in regard to the hospital’s recent downsizing action.
Prior to the nurse’s termination, the nurse had been employed with the hospital since 1998 in the intensive care unit. About one year ago, the nurse incurred a back injury while maneuvering a patient on a hospital ramp. Following the employee’s termination, the nurse claims her termination was the result of the hospital’s downsizing efforts and the nurse’s insubordination.
The nurse supports her wrongful termination suit by claiming her employer retaliated against her after she filed a workers’ compensation claim for her back injury. The nurse also claims her termination was due to her public comments about the hospital, her age and her high salary.
The nurse filed her wrongful termination claim in a local state court and is seeking damages for mental anguish, back pay, attorney fees and court cost. Through the wrongful termination suit, the nurse is also seeking punitive damages from her previous employer. As stated in lawsuit recent report, a jury trial has been requested and the suit is currently pending.
Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Nurse sues hospital for wrongful termination,” Michelle Keahey, July 10 2012