Sexual harassment at the workplace happens in every state, including Missouri and Kansas. Most of the time sexual harassment claims do not become public news and are often not even reported by employees. Sexual harassment has a severe emotional impact on the victim and can also impact the victim’s professional career.

A recent sexual harassment claim has been filed, outside of Kansas or Missouri, against the television network CBS. The lawsuit was filed by an actress who was on the CBS television show The Mentalist. The lawsuit alleges the actress endured sexual harassment while at work and by a fellow CBS employee. The claimed sexual harassment allegedly occurred over an extended period of time and on a daily basis. The actress claims the sexual harassment occurred in the form of physical harassment and sexually based comments.

The actress complained about the alleged sexual harassment and as a result endured retaliation. After the actress reported the alleged sexual harassment, she claims her role on the television show was reduced and eventually her role was eliminated from the show. Specifically, the actress claims she had been working five days a week and after she reported the sexual harassment she was only scheduled for two days of work per week until her role was eventually terminated. The actress also claims she has not been offered work from the casting agency since her television character was eliminated from the show.

The actress’s lawsuit was recently filed and names the accused, Warner Bros. and the casting agency for the television show amongst the defendants name in the lawsuits. The lawsuit remains pending and no further information was released regarding sought damages.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Shanelle Howard, ‘The Mentalist’ Actress, Sues Warner Bros. For Alleged Sexual Harassment, Aug. 20, 2012