There is a lot of downsizing going on in the job market, and employees at every level are the ones that are being let go. The decision of who to terminate involves a lot of different factors, but management usually makes the determination and the employee has little say in the matter.

In an unusual situation, two Kansas City reporters were left with the choice. According to a recent report, the company had determined that they were going to hand out one pink slip. Management had whittled down the options to the two subjects of the media article, but ultimately made them decide who would stay and who would go.

According to the report, the more senior reporter was told that she could keep her job if she wanted it. She was told that if she kept her position, her co-worker would go. If she chose to leave, the co-worker could stay. Even worse, the second reporter was aware of the situation. The article referred to the situation in relation to “Hunger Games,” the fictional movie about survival of the fittest, but is this metaphor that far from the truth in this situation?

While we cannot speculate as to whether this specific action would violate any laws without learning more details, there are some situations that just feel wrong. A gut feeling that something isn’t right in the workplace shouldn’t be left alone. In many of these instances, an investigation into the facts might lead to a viable employment claim.

Source: Tucson Weekly, “Kansas City Reporters Told To Decide Among Themselves Who Gets Fired,” David Mendez, Dec. 12, 2012

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