Intersections are notoriously dangerous sections of roadways, and many play the part of being scenes of car accidents. Vehicles are traveling in multiple directions and there can be confusing instances of who may or may not have the right of way. When cars collide, there is a risk of rollover accidents occurring, which can cause significant damage and injuries.

An accident occurred in Missouri when a driver failed to observe the right of way of another driver while at an intersection and collided with the second vehicle. As a result, the second vehicle rolled, and the four occupants of the vehicle were injured. A responding officer believed the driver of the first vehicle to have been under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident, and the driver allegedly confessed to injecting himself with an illegal substance. Drug tests were later used to confirm that he was indeed under the influence. 

The case went to trial as the driver deemed at fault was facing charges of vehicular assault while under the influence of drugs. He pleaded guilty to the charges as part of deal that any of the penalties associated with his sentencing could not exceed five years and that they would be served simultaneously. After his court appearance, the man was sentenced to five years of probation with supervision.

Rollover accidents are terrifying to be a part of, and the occupants of the vehicle are probably grateful that the situation was not more severe, though injuries were sustained. Because the driver deemed at fault for the accident pleaded guilty, the chances of success of a personal injury claim — should the injured parties choose to pursue one — could be raised significantly. Though the driver received probation, the injured parties may still be entitled to compensation for the injuries they received and other damages permitted under Missouri law.

Source:, “Defendant receives probation in Carthage vehicular assault case,” Jeff Lehr, July 8, 2013