Walking to and from destinations is still a form of commuting utilized by many people. Whether it is in rural or urban areas, people can be walking to any number of destinations. While there are many benefits to walking, pedestrians can also face many dangers if they are walking along roadways. Distracted and impaired drivers could easily strike a pedestrian, causing serious injuries or possibly even death. When pedestrians are involved in hit-and-run accidents, the situation can be even more devastating.

A hit-and-run accident occurred in Missouri when a man was walking along the roadway and was reportedly struck by a passing vehicle. Witnesses who contacted police reported that the pedestrian was walking with one foot in the grass on the side of the road and the other foot on the shoulder of the road when a truck hit him and left the scene. Police responded to the scene but purportedly did not find any evidence of an accident. The body was found two days after the accident.

Authorities reportedly received two anonymous tips suggesting a person who may have been driving the truck involved in the accident, and later, the suspect’s wife called police after he and she were having an argument about the hit-and-run. After police arrived at their home, they learned that the man had allegedly told his wife that he had struck a light pole, and when the two went back to the scene, the man apparently saw the body. The couple did not call police and left the scene. The wife states that the man used illegal substances to stay awake while working and occasionally blacked out, and the man claims that he had blacked out at the time of the accident.

Fatal hit-and-run accidents involving pedestrians are always heart-wrenching as it can never be wholly certain if the person struck would have survived had someone stayed on the scene to help. The family of the deceased victim is undoubtedly grief stricken with the thought that their loved one may have suffered. The driver involved in the accident could be facing several serious charges, and the family may wish to pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver deemed at fault in order to gain compensation for their pain and suffering and other damages permitted under Missouri law.


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