When a motorcyclist is involved in a car accident, he or she is much more likely to sustain serious injuries than people in other vehicles. Road rash, broken bones and head trauma are just a few of the many likely injuries to result from a cyclist being thrown from their bike or colliding with another vehicle. A motorcycle driver can feel lucky to be alive after an accident, but injuries can still cause significant setbacks.

A Missouri motorcyclist was injured in a car accident that involved two other vehicles. The accident reportedly occurred when the first vehicle was rear-ended by a second vehicle. The first vehicle then veered into another lane where it was struck by the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was reportedly thrown from the motorcycle as it continued to slide down the roadway. 

One of the other drivers moved the motorcyclist out of the lane, and the cyclist was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for his injuries. It was not reported whether the other drivers involved in the accident sustained any injuries as a result of the collision. At this time it is unknown if any charges will be filed against the drivers, but police should continue to investigate the incident.

The extent of the motorcyclist’s injuries was not given, but situations where cyclists are thrown from their bikes can lead to road rash and other serious injuries. The motorcyclist could find himself losing wages should he have to miss work due to his injuries and could face financial struggles associated with medical bills. The injured party may wish to seek a personal injury claim against the driver deemed at fault for the accident for compensation dealing with damages permitted under Missouri law.


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