A former treasurer of Bowling Green has brought a lawsuit against her former employer alleging that her termination was a breach of contract. The city has denied the claim and has made a motion to change venue.

The former treasurer is claiming that the city of Bowling Green neglected to follow its own guidelines when terminating her. She is alleging that the city is guilty of breach of contract, emotional distress, and defamation. The lawsuit also names the mayor and other city officials.

The plaintiff had worked as the city’s treasurer for 15 years. She was one of the longest running employees at city hall at the time of her termination in Nov. 2009. The firing was approved by a unanimous vote of the city’s Board of Aldermen after a discussion of the woman’s job performance. No explanation was given for her termination, though reports confirm that there was no criminal wrongdoing on the former treasurer’s part. The former Bowling Green city administrator who has been named as a defendant told reporters that the reasons for her firing could not be discussed due to the ongoing litigation.

A wrongful termination, whether due to workplace discrimination or some other type of retaliation, can be a difficult issue to fight alone. An attorney who has experience in employee rights cases may be able to help investigate the situation and assert the rights of an employee that has a valid claim against an employer. The attorney may able to reach a negotiated settlement with the employer, or may be able to pursue an action in civil court.

Source: thepeoplestribune.com, “Former Bowling Green Treasurer Seeks Damages In Breach Of Contract Lawsuit”, April M. Fronick, October 22, 2013