Missouri residents may be interested in the recent lawsuit filed in St. Louis circuit court. Former KMOV TV anchorman Larry Conners alleges that age discrimination was the reason he was fired from the station last spring. Conners was fired May and filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Conners’ suit alleges that colleagues who were younger received better assignments and were offered longer contracts. He also suggests that his Facebook postings were monitored more closely than younger co-workers. The station denies the allegations, and KMOV’s general manager suggested that the station would defend itself against the claims.

Conners had posted on Facebook in May that he may have been singled out by the IRS after he asked President Obama a hard question in an interview in 2012. He was fired about a week after that post was published. The suit is asking for $50,000 and names the station, the general manager and the news director as defendants.

In similar cases of alleged wrongful termination, individuals may be able to receive compensation for damages caused by the actions of their employer through litigation. In order to build a case, plaintiffs may need to gather evidence of discriminatory practices, which may include formal complaints or examples of disparate disciplinary action. In some cases, the plaintiff may benefit from working with an attorney familiar with employment law. Such an attorney may be able to review the evidence and might help the plaintiff by determining the value of certain damages. That attorney may also represent the plaintiff during settlement negotiations, and, when a settlement cannot be reached, the attorney may present the plaintiff’s case in court.

Source: St. Louis Today, “Conners files discrimination suit against KMOV“, Joe Holleman, December 17, 2013