Sadly, trucking companies and commercial truck drivers are not always held accountable for accidents that leave victims and loved ones devastated. The sheer size of these large trucks increase their threat to other vehicles on the road and cause them to be deadly in the event of a crash. Not only are large trucks destructive to vehicles, the victims of these accidents usually incur serious injuries that can lead to fatalities. A truck accident in Missouri that leads to personal injury or loss of life should be investigated and guilty parties should be held accountable.

One mother and father in Missouri continue to fight for justice after their son was killed in a truck accident. The 18-year-old’s tow truck was pulled over on an interstate bridge where he was working. A commercial truck driver slammed into the young man, resulting in a fatal accident.

Just over one year after the accident, the parents of the young man finally received a settlement from the trucking company for an unrevealed amount of money. The parents are still unhappy, however, due to the fact that the driver was never held criminally accountable for his actions. The truck driver has reportedly not been charged in the case and never even received a ticket from the police.

Trucking companies usually have skilled legal representation. As a result, victims and their loved ones need experienced legal assistance when dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident. In this particular case, the family of the tow truck driver received compensation from a successful civil lawsuit. Those who have been injured or who have lost a loved one in a truck accident in Missouri, just as this family did, have the right to file for personal injury or wrongful death and may be compensated for any expenses incurred and for any pain and suffering.

Source:, Tow truck driver’s family believe justice wasn’t served for fallen son, Rob Low, Feb. 3, 2014