Missouri residents may be interested in hearing about a case in another state where a physician and nurse are both facing a medical malpractice lawsuit. The lawsuit comes after an alleged failure to diagnose and properly treat a patient following a surgery. A man was seen by the defendants late in May 2013. He was having trouble maintaining proper balance.
The diagnosis for the man was a cyst that required a surgical operation. He received the surgical procedure that same day. However, he ran into complications following the surgery.
Allegedly, the man’s wife phoned the physician and nurse several times. She says that she spoke to the nurse and informed her of her husband’s complications. He was experiencing numbness in his lower body and was unable to have a bowel movement.
The man, along with his wife, are suing the nurse and physician for not seeing him in a timely manner after complaining of these issues. They are further alleging that they failed to timely diagnose and provide proper treatment for these complications. Accusations are also being made that they failed to remove compressive fluid from the man’s spinal cord.
When a patient in Missouri or elsewhere receives inadequate medical care, it isn’t uncommon for the patient to suffer emotional, physical and economical injuries. When a patient enters into a medical organization, he or she expects to be diagnosed in a timely manner and treated properly for his or her ailment. When this does not happen, serious injuries often occur. A patient who has suffered from any form of medical malpractice, including failure to diagnose, may wish to seek out and fully understand his or her legal options and determine whether he or she has a sufficient cause of action against the medical institution and/or staff.
Source: The Cook County Record, “Med-mal complaint accuses doctor, nurse of failing to diagnose post-surgery issues”, Ben Hart, May 30, 2014