A former employee with the Kansas City Public School district has won a wrongful termination lawsuit. The former purchasing director was fired in 2011 after he refused to buy three vehicles that he alleged would not have been used for school district business. Instead the vehicles were to be used for the personal use of employees.

According to the man’s attorney, his client made his concerns known about the vehicles. He was reportedly fired the day after he made the complaint. His firing came just days after an exemplary employee evaluation, too.

The man, who has now moved to another state, also sued for racial discrimination and retaliation. The Jackson County jury, though, did not find that either racial discrimination or retaliation occurred. The jury awarded the man $500,000 based on his wrongful discharge claim.

According to a statement from Kansas City Public Schools, they plan to appeal the verdict and expect that the judgment will be overturned.

The man said that he wishes nothing but success for the employees of the school district. He said that he doesn’t regret the time he worked there. However, he said his “journey is over with them.”

Employees should not be wrongfully discharged because they were brave enough to bring wrongdoings to light. There are laws that prevent such actions by employers. Employment attorneys help employees understand exactly what rights they have under the law and offer advice as to their legal options. When wrongful termination occurs, an employee can hold his or her employer responsible through a civil lawsuit that seeks damages.

Source: KSHB, “KCPS loses lawsuit claiming wrongful termination; district plans to appeal” Lisa Benson, Jun. 08, 2014