Losing your job can be stressful and frustrating, even under the best of circumstances, and this is made even worse if you think that you have been dismissed improperly. For example, perhaps you believe you have been fired due to racism or sexism in the workplace, or maybe you think you have been let go due to your religion. These types of discrimination are against the law, in order to protect workers.

However, this can be confusing in Missouri because this is known as an at-will employment state. What this means is that your employer can simply tell you that you have been terminated, but he or she does not have to tell you why. The notification that you have lost your job is all that is promised to you.

Sometimes, employers may think that this gives them the right to fire people for any reason. They do not have to make excuses about your production levels or proficiency in the workplace. However, employers do not have the ability to fire workers for any reason, and it is important that all employees understand what rights they hold.

For example, if you experienced sexual harassment in the workplace and you reported it, your employer cannot fire you for making that report. Allowing such a thing could intimidate workers into staying silent, even though they are being wronged.

Even though your boss may not have to tell you why you were terminated, you may have your own suspicions, and you may think that the reason for that termination violates your rights. If so, you should look at our page today for more information about your legal options.