Missouri workers should be aware of their rights and responsibilities when filing claims for Unemployment Compensation or Workers’ Compensation in the state. Below are some questions that are frequently asked by Missouri workers regarding their claims.
— How long will it take to review my unemployment benefits case?
There is no set time period for the Commission to make their decision on individual cases. Issues like the number of pending cases and their complexity all factor in to the time frame.
— My Workers’ Comp case was denied. Can I appeal?
Yes. A form for an Application for Review is online, or can be obtained by calling 573.751.2461. Use of the form is not mandatory, however. All appeals must be made within 20 days of the award by the Administrative Law Judge.
— What about appealing a denial of my unemployment benefits?
Parties wishing to appeal can use the online form for their convenience or get one by calling the above number, but again, this is not mandatory. All appeals must be made within 30 days of the decision by the Appeals Referee.
— Is there such a thing as a hardship case for Workers’ Comp benefits? How does that work?
Yes. The Commission strives to minimize any delays on hardship cases by flagging them and making sure that the transcript is expedited, scrutinizing any need for oral arguments, making the briefing time shorter and not granting extensions.
— Do I have to hire a lawyer to file my unemployment appeal?
No. Parties are free to file their own appeals and represent themselves in all proceedings before the Commission regarding their unemployment benefits. However, retaining counsel that is well-versed in Missouri employment laws could possibly be beneficial to your successful appeal.
If you have further questions about pending unemployment or Workers’ Compensation benefits, you can visit the Missouri Department of Labor website or consult an employment law professional.
Source: Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, “FAQs for Missouri Department of Labor” Jan. 06, 2015