Sometimes, you know exactly why you were fired and it all makes sense. However, what if you’re fired for a very odd reason and you don’t think it’s fair? If you think perhaps your employer did not treat you properly, you may want to look into your rights in Missouri and the possibility of a wrongful dismissal. To get a sense of what a strange firing could look like, here are three examples of odd reasons people were let go.

First, there was a basketball coach who was fired for winning. His job, of course, was to win games, but he did it a little too well and won a content 100-0. He was coaching a high school girls team, and the school decided that he had gone too far and embarrassed the other team. The coach wouldn’t apologize for winning, and he was canned.

Next, there was a case where a woman working in a dental office was deemed to be too attractive. The dentist’s wife wanted her to be fired, so the dentist let her go. He said that her clothes were too revealing and that she was simply too appealing to him. The woman did take the case to court, saying she had been wrongfully terminated.

Finally, a person who worked for a pro football team was fired after one of his favorite players was allowed to switch to another team. He went on Facebook and complained that it was a bad personnel move. This drew the attention of the team, and they fired him for his views. He was not a member of the team, but simply a guy who worked in the stadium, but the team felt it made them look bad.

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