Anyone in Missouri who recently suffered from an illness or injury most likely incurred a substantial amount of medical expenses — even with health insurance. Drivers and passengers who survive head-on collisions could be looking at a costly recovery since the injuries suffered in these motor vehicle crashes can be significant. The costs will only escalate if victims are left with permanent disabilities for which they will need lifelong care.

At this point, it is unclear whether three individuals recently injured in a head-on collision suffered any permanent injuries. Reports regarding the crash did not indicate the type of injuries the victims suffered other than to say that they were not considered to be life threatening. The only information reported was that they were stable when emergency medical personnel took them from the scene.

The accident occurred on Route B at Highway 63. A southbound vehicle was executing a left turn onto Highway 63 when a northbound vehicle slammed into it. The impact pushed one vehicle onto the shoulder while the other came to rest in a ditch. At this time, no information is available regarding whether one or both drivers will be cited and/or criminally charged in connection with the crash.

Both drivers might benefit from an understanding of their rights and responsibilities in connection with the accident. Since Missouri is a comparative negligence state, both drivers may be able to recover at least some damages, depending on each driver’s percentage of responsibility. The third victim may be able to recover damages from both drivers, depending on the court’s ruling. As would be the case in other cases involving head-on collisions, it will be necessary to prove negligence before the court will consider ordering restitution to an injured party or parties.

Source:, “3 injured in head-on collision“, Mark Slavit, May 12, 2015