As every worker in Missouri knows, not every day at work goes as well as you might hope. In fact sometimes it is not simply the stresses of the job that can get to you, but the behavior of the people around you. With any luck these issues will simply be minor disagreements that are quickly forgotten. However, it is a sad fact that some employees face unfair and hostile treatment at work every day.

One of the major issues is discrimination. All too often people are singled out for their race, gender, religion, disability or any number of other reasons. This can be deeply upsetting, can harm their self-confidence and can even have a negative impact on their job performance, potentially endangering their position.

Fortunately there are a number of laws in place to protect people from discrimination in the workplace and even in their day-to-day lives. However, not all forms of discrimination are covered equally. For example, in Missouri, protections for LGBT individuals are comparatively lacking.

Although a number of bills have been proposed as time has gone which may have addressed this issue, so far none have passed. One objection that has been raised is that including matters like gender identity or sexual orientation among the protected categories could make it overly hard for an employer to dismiss someone.

Whether better protections are likely to be passed is hard to guess. However, if you are being unfairly treated at work for any reason, it is important to stand up for your rights. An attorney may be able to advise you about your options and might even be able to support you if you decide to make a claim

Source: Missourian, “‘Little appetite’ for LGBT protections in Missouri legislature,” Daniela Sirtori, May 3, 2015