The trucking industry must adhere to certain standards set by both state and federal governments. In fact, DOT statutes cover numerous causes of truck accidents. If you are involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer in Missouri, chances are that at least one of the statutes was violated.
Many of the same traffic violations involved in accidents between passenger vehicles apply in accidents involving semi trucks. Speeding, unsafe lane changes and other aggressive driving tactics are just as dangerous — if not more dangerous — for trucks. Beyond that, however, the DOT statutes outline specific rules for truck drivers.
Of course, drivers must meet certain qualifications and participate in specific training in order to operate tractor-trailers. They must follow certain rules regarding mandatory rest periods in order to prevent driver fatigue. The trucks they drive must be properly maintained, and their loads must be secured.
These guidelines are in place in order to protect the truck drivers and the occupants of all of the other vehicles on the country’s roadways, including those in Missouri, from harm. When these rules are violated, the potential for people to suffer serious or fatal injuries increases. There is little margin for error when it comes to driving a vehicle that can easily weigh up to 10 times that of a passenger vehicle.
When an attorney reviews your case, the DOT statutes will most likely be an integral part of that review. Proving negligence and liability in truck accidents can be easier when a violation of these laws is identified. If liability is established to the court’s satisfaction, you may be awarded monetary damages to help with you medical expenses, lost wages and other financial losses sustained in the aftermath of an accident.