As many employees in Missouri have learned the hard way, getting a job can be tough. No matter how diligent a worker you are or how well-suited you may be to a given position, there is still likely to be quite a lot of competition to face during the application process. To make things worse, there is a chance that you could be subject to illegal discrimination during the selection process, making it almost impossible to get the job you want.

This can take many forms, from discrimination based on your age, gender or sexuality, to that motivated by your race, religion, national origin or even disabilities. This unfair means of selecting employees is prohibited by law, but sadly it still occurs all too often. If you feel you have been rejected from a position for illegal reasons, you may want to take action.

Of course, as this article on employee rights explains, there are reasons considered legitimate for effectively screening out certain groups. This is generally if there is a criteria involved that is necessary for a job, but is primarily associated with one group and not another. For example, strength tests can sometimes eliminate the majority of female candidates. However, if a job requires certain levels of strength to be carried out effectively, then such tests may be considered valid.

It can be a difficult matter to deal with alone, but fortunately there is help available. An attorney may be able to advise you about your rights and suggest whether you may have a legitimate claim. He or she might also be able to assist you with preparing your case and seeking a fair resolution to your situation.