The cost of living in Missouri is not as low as many of the state’s residents might prefer. It can be hard to make ends meet, even if you are working long hours in a difficult job. Of course, this is made far harder if you are not being paid the wages you are owed or if the hourly rate is lower than the legal minimum wage for your home state. Unfortunately, all too many employers try to get away with underpaying their employees, knowing that many will not be prepared to fight back.

The big issue is that often these employees rely on every penny they earn, so the prospect of upsetting their employer and potentially losing their job is a deterrent from standing up for their rights. As such, the cycle continues and often gets worse, with many workers receiving far below the legal minimum wage, not being paid for overtime and not being given the benefits to which they are entitled.

This can include being refused medical leave or being forced to work more hours than is legally permitted in your state. Furthermore, many employees do not realize that they may be entitled to a higher hourly rate for periods of overtime that they have worked.

The rules vary from state to state, so it is not always easy to figure out exactly what you should be entitled to. However, if you think you are being underpaid, it is important to stand up for your rights. Our page on wage laws can offer more detailed advice and an attorney may be able to assist you with building your case. With the right support, you can challenge your employers and may be able to acquire fair remuneration for your mistreatment and the work you have done.