At many Missouri intersections, only the cross traffic is required to stop. T-bone collisions occur for a variety of reasons at these intersections, but in most cases, a driver failed to obey a stop sign. Distracted driving, impairment and speed may be the most prevalent factors in these accidents, but none of these factors changes the fact that the drivers believed to be responsible for these crashes did not take their duty to others on the road seriously.

For instance, a driver and his passenger traveling on CR 484 were on the way to an event in southeast Missouri. As their vehicle approached a stop sign at the intersection of CR 484 and Route F, the 34-year-old driver failed to obey the stop sign for an as yet unknown reason. When the vehicle entered the intersection, it breached the path of a northbound vehicle on Route F that was not required to stop at the intersection.

The driver of the northbound vehicle was not able to avoid the impending collision. She and the two occupants of the other vehicle all suffered serious injuries. The driver in the vehicle that had the right-of-way reportedly suffered spinal cord injuries that require surgery. No other information is currently available regarding her condition or the conditions of the other driver and his passenger. The driver who allegedly caused the crash will face vehicular assault charges.

He could also face personal injury claims from the woman in the northbound vehicle and his own passenger. Each of them is most likely incurring a significant amount of medical expenses, lost wages and other damages in the aftermath of the accident. If each of them successfully establishes the driver’s negligence in court, they could each receive an award of damages often seen in T-bone collisions.

Source:, “Poplar Bluff educator seriously injured in accident”, June 8 2015