As most workers in Missouri are aware, you have a number of rights as an employee and you should be able to expect to have these respected. Sadly, all too many people throughout the state and indeed across the U.S. endure a breach of their employee rights every day at work. Some are underpaid, others suffer harassment or discrimination while others are forced to cover excessive hours or work in an unsafe environment.

There are many ways in which your rights may be breached at work, but all too often employees are not fully aware of what they are entitled to. Privacy is one area in which this is a prevalent issue, as many workers do not realize that their employers are not allowing them the privacy they deserve. These rights concern your personal property and even some of your communications.

As this article on workplace discrimination explains, your personal possessions are protected and no one else is legally permitted to access them. This includes your briefcase or bag, any private mail that is addressed to you alone and also any locker that only you have access to. Your voice mail and telephone conversations are also protected. However, the restrictions do not cover Internet usage or emails as thoroughly, so your rights in these areas are quite limited.

If you suspect that your rights have been breached, you may be tempted to take legal action. If so, the support of an attorney could be invaluable. He or she can evaluate your situation and advise you on the course of action you might wish to take. With the right guidance you can challenge your employer’s behavior and may even be compensated for your mistreatment.