No one should have to put up with unfair treatment as a result of other people’s prejudices. If you are working hard and doing your job well, that should be more than enough. Sadly, it might not protect you from hostility in your place of work. In Missouri, many employees still endure discrimination every day with regard to matters that have nothing to do with their ability to do their job.

In Kansas City, a decision to increase the legal minimum wage has been met with mixed feelings. The move would up the minimum wage to a rate of $13 per hour by 2020. However, it would only apply to those employees who were over 17 years of age. The mayor of the city has explained this as an effort to avoid dissuading employers from choosing to hire teenagers.

Even so, concerns have been raised that the opposite effect may be seen under the new ruling. Opponents to the move have expressed a worry that younger applicants may be hired instead of those over the age of 17, so employers can pay the lower wage. This could put many older employees at risk of age discrimination. Furthermore, it has been pointed out that there are teenagers with families to support and that paying them a lower wage because of their age would be unfair.

If you have experienced discrimination of this or any other kind at work, do not be afraid to take action. It may seem like a massive undertaking, but there is help available and an attorney may be able to assist you with your case. With the right support and guidance, you may be able to win compensation for your mistreatment and work toward securing a friendlier and fairer working environment.

Source: Immortal News, “Kansas City Minimum Wage Increase Excludes Teens,” Li Cohen, July 17, 2015