Not long ago, Toyota recalled some of its Camrys and Highlanders due to software and power steering issues. From April 2003 to December 2008, Toyota has had to recall close to three million vehicles, which included 24 different models, due to airbag concerns. Now, there is a recall out for software issues with the Prius. With the combination of all of these issues and recalls, the chance for further Toyota Camry and Prius lawsuits here in the state of Missouri increases.

Toyota has recently made yet another recall announcement. Roughly 625,000 hybrid cars, including the Prius, will be a part of this nationwide recall. Apparently, there is a glitch in the car’s software that could cause the entire hybrid system to automatically shut off while driving.

Toyota says that there is a slight possibility that this system shutdown would occur. Regardless, if it shuts off while the car is being driven, it will not only result in a loss of complete power, but it will cause the vehicle to come to a halt. This can be a major problem for drivers, especially on heavily-trafficked city roads, and it could result in an unnecessary accident.

The affected Toyota models include the Prius v minivans, which are known as Prius alpha and Prius+ in some markets. These were produced over the course of nearly four years between May 2010 and November of last year. The Auris hybrid is also part of the recall.

At this time, only 120,000 of the impacted vehicles are sold in North America. So far, Toyota has not received reports of any significant damage, nor has it received reports of car crashes or any type of injuries related to the software glitch problem. However, this does not mean that there will not be any in the near future. The car maker should probably prepare itself for more Toyota Camry and Prius lawsuits in the event that customers realize that it was this software glitch that may have caused their most recent accident and injuries. These injured consumers, in Missouri and elsewhere, may consider legal action in order to recoup financial damages.

Source:, “Toyota Recalls 625,000 Prius And Other Hybrids Due To Software Glitch“, Anu Passary, July 16, 2015