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Month: October 2015

We fight for victims’ full and fair recovery in employment law, harassment, sexual abuse and personal injury cases.

Head-on collisions do not discriminate when it comes to age

Each year, a significant number of people in Missouri are killed in motor vehicle accidents. Sadly, some of these victims are children. Like other accidents, head-on collisions do not discriminate when it comes to age. Even when properly restrained, the

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Employment harassment claim filed against Missouri hotel chain

Workers in Missouri and all other states have the right to safe workplaces that are free from harassment. Unfortunately, employees often suffer harassment at the hands of supervisors and co-workers. Fortunately for those employees, help is available from the U.S.

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Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act

Employees in Missouri and throughout the country have rights. Many of those rights were granted to them by the enactment of the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938. If you suspect that your rights as an employee have been violated,

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The results of T-bone collisions can be catastrophic

Individuals who legally have the right-of-way in an intersection should not have to worry about another vehicle entering the intersection illegally. Unfortunately, many of the T-bone collisions that occur each year in Missouri are due to drivers failing to obey

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What rights do employees have?

As an employee, you are at risk for unfair practices from your employer. While you may feel trapped in the situation, there are legal protections and resources for you. It’s common for employees to feel like they are powerless. In

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Impatience can cause rollover accidents

Few Missouri drivers like having to follow a slower, larger vehicle. It can easily make the best of drivers impatient and irritated. However, impatience combined with irritation can sometimes cause drivers to make mistakes that lead to rollover accidents. Irritation

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