You might think that age and experience would be an advantage in most jobs, but sadly this is not always the case. Throughout Missouri, more employees lose their jobs each year because their employers have decided they are simply too old. This sort of discrimination is both unfair and illegal, yet many workers do not realize that they have the right to fight back if they have been singled out for their age.

In one such case, the Kansas City Chiefs have been accused of age discrimination against a former maintenance manager. The 61-year-old employee lost his job in 2010, and a 37-year-old worker is said to have been hired in his place. It has been suggested that this is part of a policy within the Chiefs organization to force older employees out of their jobs. However, the club responded that the former maintenance manager was fired for insubordination and issues with his performance.

Although a jury initially ruled that this was not a case of discrimination, the matter has been sent back to be reconsidered, following a ruling by the Missouri Supreme Court. The court suggested that it had been an error to have failed to allow another former employee to have a chance to testify.

Sadly, cases like this are all too common in Missouri and, indeed, throughout the United States. If you feel that you have suffered from discrimination at work or any other breach of your employee rights, you might benefit from the advice of an attorney. He or she can advise you on your options and may be able to help you pursue the justice and compensation that you deserve and secure a happier and less hostile working environment.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Missouri High Court Rules against Chiefs in Age Discrimination Suit,” Heather Hollingsworth, Sep. 24, 2015